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Experience your embodied intelligence

What you will take away from 

Whole Being Speaking:

Gain alignment within yourself about what is important and necessary for you

Feel, see, know, and understand your bodies’ wisdom and intelligence in a more powerful way 

Connect with your own inner compass and be empowered to make a new way forward

Feeling stuck?
Get clear on the
next steps.

Deep inside all of us is our own compass, and that isn't hippie-speak, it's well-established science and a biological reality. I am here to help you form a deeper connection with yourself and bring you to a place where the answers become perfectly clear.

Whole Being 
Leadership Speaking

Hear how to develop deeper, clearer answers to questions and challenges more quickly and  get in alignment with yourself. Options are available for both in-person or virtual speaking.

In-Person Speaking

Impact your group and team in a lasting way and help them navigate complex and challenging moments.

Virtual Speaking

Help your team discover the power of a somatic approach to decision-making and navigating uncertainty.

Speaking Topics

Building Leadership Presence Through Embodied Awareness

Developing your team's leadership presence starts inside. We'll talk about and experience what this looks like and what it means to be "present" to your embodied awareness so you can lead with a more strategic, clear, and intentional approach.

Making Faster, Better Decisions with Embodied Awareness

Learning to be aware of our embodied sensations helps us move through the fear, reactivity, and bias that often gets in the way when stress and pressure to perform are present. You'll hear and experience strategies to combat that reactive approach.

Cultivating Resilience for Complex Leadership Moments

There isn't one answer for the complex, tough, and lonely moments in leadership. There are many. The way through these moments even the most seasoned and experienced among us often overlook, and it's counterintuitive.

All photos by Max Grudzinkski

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