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Leadership Coaching 

Access, trust, and act on your body’s integrated intelligence, so you can make better decisions as you move through work and life. Options available from individual, group, or team coaching.


Whole Being Retreats

Explore your biological intelligence and get reconnected with yourself with a serene and intentional getaway. Recognize your own inner voice in such an unmistakable way that your choices for what’s next become clear.

Leadership Speaking 

I speak about decision-making, leadership presence, and leading authentically from the inside out. I help professionals learn to manage their energy for performance and well-being in all areas of their lives. Choose in-person or virtual options.



I didn't realize how much I needed Miranda's help getting out of my head and taking actionable steps toward making my next career move possible. Once I successfully landed a post-MBA job that I am thrilled about, I continued to work with Miranda on developing my leadership skills as I find our sessions to be incredibly helpful and worth the investment. She helps me realize what my true goals are and identify the ways to achieve them.

Emily Glaessner, 

Principal Consultant, Strategy at Capco

Feeling stuck?
Get clear on the
next steps.

Deep inside all of us is our own compass, and that isn't hippie-speak, it's well-established science and a biological reality. I am here to help you form a deeper connection with yourself and bring you to a place where the answers become perfectly clear.

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Uncover The Answers Within

I use a somatic, or embodied, approach so clients get clarity faster and more powerfully than using a cognitive, inquiry-based approach alone. This helps my clients make and sustain changes quickly. It also gives them a skillset to navigate the next time they feel stuck.

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Get In Touch With Holder Leadership

The Benefits:

Find Deeper and

Clearer Answers

to questions and


more quickly

Get in Alignment

With Yourself

about what is

important and

necessary for you

Discover A Greater


of the science of

what you are tapping

into with this approach


Practical Tools

for navigating

complex and

challenging moments

All photos by Max Grudzinkski

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