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Experience your embodied intelligence

What you will take away from our 
Whole Being Retreats:

Gain the ability to connect to your body in a way the builds self-trust and self-confidence

Connect with what’s important to you so you can confidently take action in the most important area of your work and life right now

Find a sustainable structure that supports what’s next for you

Experience freedom,

ease, trust, and


Deep inside all of us is our own compass. Holder is here to help you form a deeper connection with yourself and bring you to a place where the answers become perfectly clear.

Whole Being 
Leadership Retreats

Explore your biological intelligence and get reconnected with yourself with a serene and intentional getaway. Recognize your own inner voice in such an unmistakable way that your choices for what’s next become clear.

Alongside the cognitive power of our brain, we have a biological intelligence that is often ignored. We refer to this as our body’s intelligence system. This intelligence system communicates through the neuromotor and neurohormonal pathways between brain and body. Our truths, values, desires, and deepest longings live in our bodies and often go unnoticed. We all talk about our gut instinct and what our heart wants, yet we have not been taught how to access and trust these sensing forms of intelligence. The invitation of this retreat is to explore your biological intelligence. You will begin to reconnect with your inner compass and recognize your own inner voice in such an unmistakable way that your choices for what’s next become clear.

The Retreat

• Four somatic group coaching sessions, indoor and outdoor

• Three morning Body Sensing + Movement sessions

• Tailored, personalized takeaway practices with an individual session

• Beautiful farmhouse accommodations in Vermont in the fall

• Nourishing, delicious food provided by a private chef on the premises


Up until now, all of the leadership coaching I've received has been based on extremely prescriptive management principles. I really love Miranda's style of coaching the whole person and starting with self-reflection, which is proving to be so much more effective in helping to shift beliefs and behaviors in all areas of my life.”

Laureen Ellison, 

Global Head of Digital at Diageo

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All photos by Max Grudzinkski

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