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Building Leadership Presence
Through Embodied Intelligence

Gain the ability to connect with and lead others.

Small Group Coaching Program

About The Program

The ability to connect with and lead others grows from your ability to connect with yourself in the present moment.

You can do this most powerfully through accessing your embodied intelligence. What is embodied intelligence? Alongside the cognitive power of your brain, we have a biological intelligence that is often ignored. This intelligence system communicates through the neuromotor and neurohormonal pathways between brain and body, and yet, we aren't taught to access or trust these forms of intelligence. However, our ability to clearly and powerfully lead with presence depends on our ability to sense and manage what we feel in these critical leadership moments.

Principal at Interplan, Inc.

The value that Miranda brought to me as a coach was confidence in my abilities and the power to advocate for myself.

Many coaches can say that they empower their clients with these skills, but Miranda undeniably believes in each person’s strengths, empowering her clients to push the boundaries of their comfort zone.


- Lisa Dorsey, 

PDO and Launch Transformation Director at Factor

A coach in the truest sense of the word, Miranda guided me through my unique forest. She helped me sort my ambition, anxieties, and personal priorities during a very complex time in my career.

I still look back on that moment and think of Miranda’s encouragement to slow down and let the answers reveal themselves. 


- Ann Ramirez, 

What People Are Saying:

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These six 90-minute workshop with Miranda and a small group will give you the ability to connect with and lead others. Learn to access your embodied intelligence and build your leadership presence!

Space is Limited!

What you will take away from
Building Leadership Presence
Through Embodied Intelligence:

A clear understanding of what embodied intelligence is and how to access it

Why using embodied intelligence is a trustworthy, biologically based approach to leadership

Deeper, clearer answers to questions and challenges you face more quickly

Practical tools for navigating complex and challenging moments

Tools and practices to take with you and use outside of sessions

Miranda Holder

I’m a former endurance athlete whose identity used to be entirely that: I was an athlete. The diagnosis of a congenital heart condition at age 25, while balancing a career and training in an attempt to make the U.S. National Rowing Team, ended my sense of self as an elite athlete. I pivoted from my advertising job to collegiate coaching to stave off the pain of losing my ability to train and compete....

Founder, Leadership and Career Coach

The Details:

• What: Six 90-minute workshop with Miranda and a small group (6-8) of fellow participants

• When: March 29, April 5, 12, 25, May 3 and 10, 2023, from 12:00 - 1:30 pm EST

• Cost: $350

• Where: Virtual via Zoom

About Your Coach:

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