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Miranda Holder

My story begins where most do: with a painful inflection point. I’m a former endurance athlete whose identity used to be wrapped up entirely in the world of sport. The diagnosis of a congenital heart condition at age 25, while balancing a career and training in an attempt to make the U.S. National Rowing Team, ended my sense of self as an elite athlete. I pivoted from my advertising day job to collegiate rowing coaching to stave off the pain of losing my ability to train and compete...

Founder, Leadership and Career Coach

Feeling stuck?
Get clear on the
next steps.

Deep inside all of us is our own compass, and that isn't hippie-speak, it's well-established science and a biological reality. I am here to help you form a deeper connection with yourself and bring you to a place where the answers become perfectly clear.


About Holder Leadership

Founded to help leaders and professionals figure out how to
build careers with meaning and purpose and lives they love.


The Vision

To help others navigate life's most challenging moments from within.

I help people develop a deeper connection with themselves, find their own answers, and be equipped with the tools to navigate their way forward.

Our Story

Holder Leadership was founded to help people who feel like they followed the rules create their own, especially when it comes to work. Whether it is a moment of transition within a leadership role or organization, or you've outgrown your current role, I help you create the path toward meaningful, fulfilling work.

Most of us are taught, implicitly or explicitly, that you can't do a job that would fill you with joy and energy, and that work must be suffering. The most cynical among us believe it isn't even possible to do work you love, day in and day out. Most of us are taught to navigate the world using our heads only, and here's where we get a little lost...


The Mission

To help clients uncover their next actionable steps during moments of uncertainty.

No fix-all potion given. I’ll help bring you to a place where the answers become perfectly clear.

I help you look inward to the real data present instead of staying in cycles of fear, analysis, and prediction.

Vulnerability is a strength. I am compassionate, judgment-free, and will help you form a deeper connection with yourself.

No cookie-cutter plans. You and I design your next steps with whatever will be most impactful for your situation and unique set of experiences.

All photos by Max Grudzinkski

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