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Miranda Holder

My story begins where most do: with a painful inflection point. I’m a former endurance athlete whose identity used to be wrapped up entirely in the world of sport. The diagnosis of a congenital heart condition at age 25, while balancing a career and training in an attempt to make the U.S. National Rowing Team, ended my sense of self as an elite athlete. I pivoted from my advertising day job to collegiate rowing coaching to stave off the pain of losing my ability to train and compete.

As I followed what I loved, I found I loved coaching and helping my student-athletes transform into strong, capable women and teammates. A decade later and nearly 17 in the sport, I found myself burned out on the hours and the work, most of which wasn’t appealing to me outside of that precious time with the student-athletes. I could have really used a coach, myself, but I didn't yet know they existed. Time to transition again.

In my second transition, much like my first (and truthfully, all of my life), I simply couldn't do work I wasn’t really excited about doing. Many people have called me brave for starting my own business; the truth is there was simply no other option as I saw it. As I explored other career options, every single one felt wrong except pursuing a career as a leadership coach. Of all the other options I explored and interviews I went on, continuing to coach in this way brought energy, excitement, and fresh clarity about what was important to me.

As I navigated the liminal space of my second career transition, I unconsciously used my body and my nervous system to navigate the options. Only later would I learn through experience and research that I was using my embodied self-awareness to help me identify what would be the next best step for me in my journey. What I was tuning into was well-established science and the biological reality of our how our systems have evolved. I love helping clients connect to their bodies and get answers to their questions and challenges faster and more clearly than taking a purely cognitive approach.

As much as I’m equal parts artist, athlete and dreamer, I’m a deeply devoted pragmatist, too. As a former athlete and coach, results matter. I am most excited when I am supporting another person who has a big dream or a deep desire for change that they want to bring into the world, but they can't see the way forward. I love watching them learn what they can do with support and developing these new muscles of awareness for themselves. 

When I’m not waxing poetic about my work, I love moving, being outside, photography, writing, reading, skiing, yoga, and eating. I live in Vermont with my family. I am proud to serve on the board of Safeline, Inc. Safeline works to end physical, emotional and sexual violence against through direct service, education, advocacy and social change.

Founder, Leadership and Career Coach


Wellesley College, B.A., cum laude, English and Studio Art

Northeastern University, M.S. Sports Leadership and Management

Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership, Certificate in Leadership Coaching 


PCC (Professional Certified Coach) through the International Coach Federation

Certified Narrative Coach® through the Moment Institute

Certified ID-Way® Practitioner through the Moment Institute

RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance

The Leadership Circle Profile™ Certified Practitioner

All photos by Max Grudzinkski

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