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Get Clear On

Your Next Steps

Do you have a sense you could be doing more fulfilling, impactful work and you're not sure what that is or how to go about finding it?

Do you feel stressed, unsettled, and overwhelmed?

Would you like to learn how to navigate these moments?

I help mid-career professionals

go from being overwhelmed and unsettled

to clear and confident in their next career steps.

If you followed the steps to becoming a successful professional, how can you end up in the middle of your career looking around, wondering if this is all there is? You, like so many other professionals, feel like this isn't really what you hoped for when you imagined your life at work.

You also don't look around and see a clear path forward. You often feel boxed in, or at a loss for what to do next. You know it isn't this, but you need someone in your corner to help you figure out the next steps.

I'm that person, and I'd love to help you find and create a job that is fulfilling and meaningful, where you can have impact and satisfaction.

My gift is helping people discover and create the intersection

of their purpose and skill so that they can excel in the work they love,

all without compromising on their values or compensation.

Let’s work together to find your gift.

Leadership Coaching 

This is for individuals who want 1:1 support as they go through a leadership or career transition. This might be stepping into a new role at work or for individuals who are outgrowing corporate life and want to start their own venture.


No fix-all potion given. We’ll help bring you to a place where the answers become perfectly clear.

The answer is within you. We help you look inwards to the real data present instead of staying in cycles of analysis and prediction.

Vulnerability is a strength. We are compassionate, judgment-free, and will help you form a deeper connection to yourself.

No cookie-cutter plans. We design your next steps with whatever will be most impactful for your situation and unique set of experiences.

Whole Being Retreats

Explore your biological intelligence and get reconnected with yourself with a serene and intentional getaway. Recognize your own inner voice in such an unmistakable way that your choices for what’s next become clear.


Leadership Speaking 

Hear how to develop deeper, clearer answers to questions and challenges more quickly and get in alignment with yourself. Options are available for both in-person and virtual speaking.


What our clients are saying

Founder and Executive Director
of The Kindred Village Center

When you think you don’t know what to do next or how to tackle a complex question, Miranda proves to you that the answer was always within you.

She does not tell you what you should do, instead she has a natural and incredible skill to bring you to a place where the answers become perfectly clear.


— Rachael Cook,

Managing Partner at Stebbins Bradley

Working with Miranda has been personally and professionally transformative. She is a gifted listener and a supportive and enthusiastic coach who helped me find my own answers.

No consultant-speak, coaching bromides or prescriptive approaches — instead, a deft guide and trusted companion with an empathetic and no-bullshit approach to change.


— Ethan Frechette, 

Experience freedom,

ease, trust, and


Deep inside all of us is our own compass. Holder is here to help you form a deeper connection with yourself and bring you to a place where the answers become perfectly clear.

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Holder Leadership

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All photos by Max Grudzinkski

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