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Holder Leadership was founded to help people step into their power, capacity and fullness as developing humans.

Our world is filled with people who have incredible and unique gifts and abilities. I’ve watched it happen time and again throughout my coaching career that once you step into your gifts there is no stopping what you can do. It feels magical, and yet…it’s about alignment.

Let’s uncover the answers within.

The professional expression of us — where we often spend most of our lives — doesn’t have to be the place where we are out of alignment with our desires, our souls, and our bodies. It doesn’t have to kill our spirits or our energy. Teams can communicate and function more effectively and with more humanity. Our family life and our personal life can coexist with our work identity. Holder is here to help give people the ability to experience freedom, ease, trust, and confidence.

Our Story

All photos by Max Grudzinkski

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